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How API failures could destroy your marketing automation success

[fa icon="calendar'] 6 February 2018 / by Alex Mampieri posted in Social Media

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your API based marketing automation sucess would fall apart? or your marketing integrations would stop? Do you have any backup plan or supporting processes?

In this article we will explore what the implications can be and why you should make sure to monitor and plan for integration failures.

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Setting up your Hubspot social monitoring stream to answer questions on Twitter

[fa icon="calendar'] 19 December 2017 / by Alex Mampieri posted in Hubspot tools, Social Media

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So you are pushing out content to your social media followers via Hubspot and have built up some decent content sources to re-tweet, Facebook send out on Linkedin etc. Now how do you drive your audience to engage with you and generate more leads? Remember that according to the inbound methodology your first priority should always be to drive value. Social monitoring plays a key part into understanding

your social audience and providing them with value. To help you get the most out of the Hubspot tools we will dive into Hubspot's social monitoring settings and give you some great Twitter workflow tips to use them effectively.

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Improve your company wide social strategy using vector alignment

[fa icon="calendar'] 15 December 2017 / by Vourneen Taylor posted in Social Media, Strategy

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You are possibly wondering what linear algebra has to do with social media. Let me explain. I listened to Dharmesh Shah introduce the concept of what he called “vector alignment” while attending the Inbound17 event. He came up with this idea based on a conversation he had previously with Elon Musk. This concept is very simple yet most organisations find it difficult to implement or worse overlook it completely as a priority.

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How do I manage my social media publishing in Hubspot?

[fa icon="calendar'] 1 December 2017 / by Alex Mampieri posted in Inbound Marketing Training, Hubspot tools, Social Media

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Managing a business's social media content is a real challenge for most of us. In this article we'll be providing a good content publishing workflow to get you started using social media publishing in Hubspot. We'll look at how to set up an efficient social publishing workflow and execute it in a few easy steps with some inbound pro tips mixed in. This should get you up and running and pumping out decent content using social media publishing in Hubspot.


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