About Inbound

I provide inbound Marketing training and consulting for B2B companies by delivering personalised experiences that have the power to transform in an impactful way.

I do this because I want to empower others to reach their business goals through education and knowledge sharing

About Vourneen

I worked as Principal Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot’s International Headquarters in Dublin for almost 4 years. During that time I delivered custom consulting, in-person, and classroom-based training for Hubspot customers. To date I have worked with over 350+ clients in the EMEA & APAC region.

I help organisations with incorporating inbound marketing methodologies into existing marketing tactics, overall marketing strategy, business processes, and product usage. I deliver custom, goal-oriented inbound marketing plans for clients across a wide variety of verticals. By utilising creative consulting methods, I enable each customer to reach their inbound marketing goals.

At last count, I have traveled to over 125 destinations in 27 countries and has lived in London, Prague, Amsterdam, and Melbourne, as well as
my home town of Dublin. Outside of work, I enjoy sampling craft beer, good coffee, and planning the next adventure.

I have combined my love of travel and Inbound Marketing to deliver custom consulting engagements onsite with international clients.

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