Growth Marketing Strategy

Examples of Saas demo's from Pandadoc, Hubspot & Salesforce

21 July 2022 | by Vourneen Taylor

4 min

Recently, I conducted some research on the demo experience for one of my clients. They were looking for a "mystery shop" for their demo process from a marketing point of view. So I thought it would be interesting to do this with a number of other Saas organizations to see what the market is like and how the competition stacked up. I chose some well-known Saas brands including, Salesforce, PandaDoc & Hubspot. You can also find a list of other popular CRM tools here for more examples, many of which have demo flows."

The results were very surprising. In the end, none of them provided, in my opinion, a world-class customer experience, however, I got a lot ideas and insights from the process so I thought I would share my learnings with you here on the blog.

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Growth marketing strategy Part 4: grow your business using SMART Goals

26 March 2020 | by Alex Mampieri

18 min

How do you build up your business brand and create more leads? How do you make sure your organisation can keep growing in a sustained way? These are big questions going through many a CMO and marketing managers' head. In the previous parts of this series, we addressed how to put in place methodologies, pick you're appropriate tool stack and ensure your growth marketing team acquires the skills needed to drive success through training. Now it's time to have a look on how to create and implement objectives and goals in a growth marketing plan so that you can work towards that success on a daily basis. We are going to explore how to create objectives and set goals to stimulate your organisations growth. 


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