Marketing Operations

The marketing operations tasks that keep your Hubspot CRM healthy

27 October 2020 | by Alex Mampieri

16 min

Hubspot CRM is often feels deceptively simple but is getting more powerful every year. It is the datastore that has powered the entire suite of HubSpot's extensive product range for many years. It holds and segments information for all parts of the buyers journey from visitors, interactions to customers and companies. It can power Inbound and ABM strategies and can exchange data with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and many other platforms and tools through its extensive API and integrations marketplace. In short, it is very much at the core of Hubspots functionality. Without Hubspot CRM, none of its other products would be of much use. During Inbound 2020 Hubspot also announced a lot of new features for Hubspot CRM. One of them is the ability to create custom objects. This brings Hubspot CRM on the same level as many other paid CRM platforms in terms of customization possibilities making Hubspot more useful as a full end to end platform and making it easier to use it to replace other CRM products such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This brings new opportunities to organizations that use Hubspot and a third party CRM system. Removing an additional CRM product from your product stack means a reduction in budget and and less integration headaches. The extra functionality in CRM can of course bring extra complexity and this makes it even more important that you manage your Hubspot CRM processes, data and segmentation correctly.  

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Why we need marketing operations to achieve long term growth

19 August 2020 | by Alex Mampieri

9 min

In this blog post we’ll look at the general operations tasks that you should focus on as part of your marketing efforts. We'll explore the different types of marketing operations tasks and provide you  with examples of tasks that are often missed. We will illustrated what happens when these are neglected. we will also provide you with a checklist to see if you have got your marketing operations under control.

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