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Hubspot tool sneak peak: Drag and drop editor for email coming soon!

15 June 2018 | by Alex Mampieri

1 min

Have you gotten stuck or felt restricted by Hubspot's email layout editing features? We know we have wished it to be more intuitive. We often see clients getting confused during the process of creating their email layouts using Hubspot. We recently spotted a very exciting feature in one Hubspot portal that might make these struggles a thing of the past!

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Prepare for the GDPR as a marketer: opt-ins and storing data

6 December 2017 | by Nikita Smits-Jørgensen

4 min

GDPR seems like and is a huge task to tackle. As inbound marketers, we can argue that it’s actually not all bad news as it reinforces that you should only market to people who are interested in hearing from you.

Of course, we can’t simplify it to just that statement but much of privacy law in Europe actually comes down to balancing your legitimate interest and the privacy rights and freedoms of your data subjects, or the people in your database. Funnily enough though, after following the basic rules set out in the regulation, you can come up with an answer to many cases by asking yourself ‘Does it feel right?’.

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7 Strategies for optimising your email marketing automation

26 January 2014 | by Vourneen Taylor

3 min

Maybe you thought email marketing automation would solve the worlds marketing problems?

It would end the hassle of remembering to send out all those pesky follow up emails to the right people at the right time. That somehow this marketing automation software you just persuaded your boss to invest in would finally do everything for you. That once you created a miraculous recipe you could sit back drink coffee and watch the leads roll in? until ....they didn’t? 

Well, all is not lost folks I have compiled a list of effective optimization strategies to help you make the most out of your marketing automation campaigns.


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