Hubspot tool sneak peak: Drag and drop editor for email coming soon!

June 14, 2018 | by Alex Mampieri

Have you gotten stuck or felt restricted by Hubspot's email layout editing features? We know we have wished it to be more intuitive. We often see clients getting confused during the process of creating their email layouts using Hubspot. We recently spotted a very exciting feature in one Hubspot portal that might make these struggles a thing of the past!

A lot of Hubspot users have been struggling with creating email layouts in Hubspot. This has been quite a cumbersome thing to do. It required marketers to go into the Hubspot design manager and mess around with its clunky interface. This often took way too much time and expertise to do. These struggles will hopefully soon be a thing of the past with the coming changes to Hubspot's email tools. We found a portal that already had a preview of these new features enabled and quickly created this sneak peak vid so you can see what's coming.


Unfurtunately we didn't find an official update or notification about this yet from the dev. team at Hubspot, apart from signals that they are working on these features as posted on a Hubspot community forum. A Beta or update announcement is likely to follow soon though, so keep an eye out for it! It's encouraging to see Hubspot listening to it's user community and putting in effort to make it's interface more user centric. Here's our excited feedback to the product team when we spotted this:AA feedback to email layout feature




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Written by Alex Mampieri

Alex Mampieri

With a background in IT services, a passion for media and a natural dislike for most outbound marketing techniques, I developed a fascination with honest data driven marketing practices. I love learning and believe human communication is core to success. As a consultant at About Inbound my main activities are researching and writing about marketing technology and assisting our customers with technical marketing tasks in Hubspot such as database maintenance, Automation workflows, template migration etc.

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