What will Hubspots video marketing tools do for you?

3 October 2018 | by Alex Mampieri

11 min

Hubspot announced some exciting new native video functionality across its marketing, sales and service hub tools recently. The announcement got us very excited at About Inbound, so we spent some time to see what the new video features do and how they can be utilised. The three main new capabilities in Hubspots' new video arsenal are interactivity, tracking and the ability for sales and service  to record and send videos to your customers using Hubspot native tools. We spent a few afternoons of reading, configuring and testing the new video marketing tools,  and this is what we found. 

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What is Negative SEO and how to avoid it

21 November 2013 | by Vourneen Taylor

2 min

I came across this term during the week when a colleague discussed a scenario a client was having. He had received thousands of spammy links to his site and he had no idea where they came from. It is such a nasty activity. I am always amazed that people bother to put in so much effort in negative activities. If they just did the reverse and used that time, energy and resources to focus on positive actions they would be in a far better position. The good news it that his is only impacting a tiny amount of websites. It is highly unlikely any small to medium business will be affected by this. However, someone in a highly competitive niche area may be affected. All things considered, it is probably good to know how to recognise if it is happening to your site and how to prevent it.

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Questions to ask before writing a blog post for your business

12 August 2013 | by Vourneen Taylor

1 min

So you have a burning desire to write a brilliant blog post for your business, you hit the publish now button and then realise that you forgot to include a link or could have done a better job on the title.

Sound familiar?

Often you're excited by an idea and rush to get it published. Perhaps you are so short on time trying to write your content you loose track of the bigger picture.

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