Questions to ask before writing a blog post for your business

December 9, 2021 | by Vourneen Taylor

So you have a burning desire to write a brilliant blog post for your business, you hit the publish now button and then realise that you forgot to include a link or could have done a better job on the title.

Sound familiar?

Often you're excited by an idea and rush to get it published. Perhaps you are so short on time trying to write your content you loose track of the bigger picture.

Who are you writing the blog post for and why?

If you have a clear picture of who you are writing for it is likely that your post will reap the rewards. You can choose more personalised words, tone, imagery and titles to engage the reader.

The way to do this is to create strong personas for your business. Then identify which persona you are writing for.
Create a template for yourself with questions as prompts. So when you start writing you are not staring at that scary blank screen.

What stage of the buyers journey are they at?

Knowing what stage of the buyers journey your persona is in will also help you to provide more valueable content. For example are they just at research stage, consideration stage or ready to buy?

The type of information required early on in the buying process is very different to what is needed when someone is ready to make a decision.
Ideally you want to be publishing the right content, to the right person at the right stage of the buyers process.
Answer your prospects questions!

Think about what questions your prospects ask you at different stages of the buyers journey. Now start answering those questions with relevent content. Start thinking about content in a problem and solution scenario. Your clients have problems that you are offfering solutions for. Helo them understand how they can solve their problems.

Also consider if your product or service is well established or new to the market. Do they need more educational content about your offerings?

10 step checklist for b2b bloggers

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Written by Vourneen Taylor

Vourneen Taylor

Vourneen Taylor delivers Inbound Strategy Workshops and in-person Hubspot training for fast growing teams in international SaaS businesses. She has 15 years experience in marketing and has onboarded over 350 Hubspot customers. At last count, she has traveled to over 125 destinations in 27 countries and has lived in London, Prague, Amsterdam, and Melbourne, as well as, her home town of Dublin. Outside of work, she enjoys sampling craft beer, good coffee, and planning the next adventure.

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