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Vourneen Taylor delivers Inbound Strategy Workshops and in-person Hubspot training for fast growing teams in international SaaS businesses. She has 15 years experience in marketing and has onboarded over 350 Hubspot customers. At last count, she has traveled to over 125 destinations in 27 countries and has lived in London, Prague, Amsterdam, and Melbourne, as well as, her home town of Dublin. Outside of work, she enjoys sampling craft beer, good coffee, and planning the next adventure.
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What is Growth-Driven Design and what can I use it for?

18 March 2021 | by Vourneen Taylor

4 min

We regularly get questions from our clients about web development, website migrations and website redesigns. It is a very important - and often very scary part of their marketing activities. The main cause of all the fear around these projects are:

  • They tend to cost a lot of resources
  • They take a lot of time to complete
  • It is hard to get a good result that works for everyone

It is often difficult to understand where to start when you are a faced with a web design or redesign project. There are many different approaches that you can use and a huge amount of options, possibilities and the complexities that arise when you think about redesigning and implementing your business website. It is tricky to translate design choices that make good marketing sense to the right technical implementations. We often get questions about how to use Growth Driven Design to drive better value, so we decided to write a bit of an introduction to explain what Growth Driven Design is and how it compares to traditional web design methods.

What Is Growth Driven Design, and What Can I Use It For?

Traditional web design projects are typically time-consuming, costly, and are often delivered long after the estimated deadlines. With a conventional design strategy, the website will typically receive major updates after at least one to two years. These methods are clearly outdated since the business will not fully maximize the lead generation and performance of their website. 

Growth driven design is a web design methodology that was developed to make the process of redesigning a website more clear, more affordable and to drive a higher quality result. It's been gaining popularity over the years and fits well with other modern digital marketing principles such as Inbound Marketing.  

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Video Marketing Statistics for 2020  [Infographic]

28 November 2019 | by Vourneen Taylor

1 min

Video marketing will continue to be a top performer in 2020, helping to drive more engagement and brand recall  than any other content format on social media. It is a key component of a holistic Inbound approach to your marketing. Video can help support not only awareness but also consideration and decision making campaigns as well.  Quality of course plays a key factor here and you need to ensure that you are producing top notch video content in order to succeed. 

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How to get started with the Hubspot Service Hub?

25 September 2018 | by Vourneen Taylor

7 min

The Service Hub is Hubspot's new Customer Service Software that helps your organisation focus on creating a better customer experience. In today's world, customers have shorter attention spans and higher expectations. They want more control over the process and often opt for a of a self-service solution. Wanting to do things in their own way and in their own time. 

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Improve your company wide social strategy using vector alignment

15 December 2017 | by Vourneen Taylor

10 min

You are possibly wondering what linear algebra has to do with social media. Let me explain. I listened to Dharmesh Shah introduce the concept of what he called “vector alignment” while attending the Inbound17 event. He came up with this idea based on a conversation he had previously with Elon Musk. This concept is very simple yet most organisations find it difficult to implement or worse overlook it completely as a priority.

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Demystifying Account Based Marketing

21 November 2017 | by Vourneen Taylor

6 min


There is a big buzz around ABM or Account based marketing at the moment. Lots of clients are asking about best practices, how to implement or transition to ABM. I thought maybe there was something I was missing. Had I overlooked a transformative new marketing strategy? Then I got slightly paranoid and starting asking others about it, but they came back with what I already knew. Then I thought I would do some extra research. There was so much interest, there must be something to it, right?

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#INBOUND17 survival guide for international attendees

11 September 2017 | by Vourneen Taylor

5 min

The first time I attended Inbound, Hubspot sent me to help with some workshops and onsite trainings. The whole event went by in a flash. I was running from meeting to meeting catching up with colleagues and clients both day and night.

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Your ultimate guide to Inbound marketing training, blogs, books, tools & more

11 August 2017 | by Vourneen Taylor

5 min

One of the hardest parts of working in marketing is keeping your skills up to date. I have made this slightly easier for you by listing several recomended learning resources in this post. This is reflected in the latest State of Inbound Report where 19% said training was the company's top challenge. Most of us spend time implementing, planning and executing campaigns. Leaving little room to brush up or expand your skill set. However, this is a dangerous tactic if you want to grow your career and become a successful T Shaped marketer (see Buffer's or Moz's diagram below).

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Where to start with inbound marketing?

3 August 2017 | by Vourneen Taylor

8 min

Inbound is an increasingly popular approach that organisations are using to attract customers. For some on the outside looking in, it can be difficult to know where to start with Inbound marketing. Content offers, blogging, personas, social, email? The list goes on.  You might have seen companies being successful with Inbound but you often don't see the whole journey from the begining. Success doesn't magically happen with Inbound. You need substantial effort, the right tools, resources and process in place to really be sucessful.

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How to train your entire global team on Hubspot in 2 days

27 April 2017 | by Vourneen Taylor

6 min


I delivered a workshop in Sweden recently where the team were spread across multiple time zones, in different continents, operating in different languages and markets. The company had found themselves with a whole new marketing team due to exponential growth. The challenge was to get all the new hires trained up and the entire global team working cohesively and productively.

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Why is it so difficult to explain what you do?

24 March 2017 | by Vourneen Taylor

5 min

This week I have had several calls with clients and prospective clients. In preparation for those calls I generally do some online research. I take a look at their site, social media, blog etc. A lot of the time, I cannot tell what their business is actually about until I speak with them. Often this still dosn't help me. Why? As they still can't clearly explain what they offer and to whom. I'm not perfect, I find this difficult also. 

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